Thursday, 8 November 2007

Un-sharp is clever

Normally, I like sharpness in my pictures. The Carl Zeiss Jena Flectagon 20mm f4 I was testing with my M42 adapter on the Pentax K10D turned out to be particularly unsharp - to an extent unimaginable.
Closer pictures are however sharper.
That is how the idea of this double world with the blurred underworld of humans and the sharpness of abstract signs above it occurred to me. Also, this seems to be a picture that works much better in black and white.

I have seen something very similar by Zoltán Vancsó, where things you would normally not compose in one picture fit quite well together. Like in this picture, for example

It may well be that technical perfection is a subjective term, a good picture always depends on what you make of your tools. (How clever, uhh.)

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