Saturday, 17 November 2007

Keleti yellow light revisited

This was the original photo taken in yellow light:

I manipulated it by decreasing the Saturation of Orange and adding some extra saturation for the Blue. (I also added some extra Contrast and Brightness)

Then B. came up and tampered with White Balance.
Interestingly enough, he picked a spot which was white (to our eyes at least) - it was a brightly reflected, burned spot on the back of the dustman in the yellow overcoat in the middle of the photo).
This made the photo even less orangy than after my manipulation. What is more, the blues also came back.
Then we started experimenting with the different colours. Extra saturation for the yellow would make the panels underground as well as the yellow trains regain original colours. This was also an effect pleasant to the eye.
We then took back from the Luminance on the blue spot of the train's neon sign. This drastically effected the Luminance of Blues (-67). This was useful for making the shining blue surfaces, lit by neon lights, come back to reality, and become less bright (less overexposed) and more contrasted (which also means sharper).
Finally, the saturation of this spot was pushed up a tiny little bit.

Here is the result:

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