Friday, 4 July 2008

Toying with LDR and HDR

I have been toying with the LDR technique, and I have got some nice results.
LDR (low dynamic range imaging) is like HDR (high dynamic range imaging), but here one RAW pictures is used instead of more expositions (usually three in HDR). The application (I was using Photomatix 3) offers the option to automatically create an LDR image directly from a raw original, profiting of the wider range of information available in the raw.
Later, I was trying to toy with saturation in the same photos to make the most out of them. It is not that I am extremely fond of saturated colors, but here I needed to put some colours in the pics because otherwise they were flat. And also, this will allow a comparison: what you can have with LDR and with a simple Lightroom edit.

Here are some paired photos for comparison - first is regular, second LDR.

When the sun was not yet shining:


Some sun coming out - I think these are very successful LDRs:


Here I prefer the normal version - there is a lot of sun on the green grass:

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